In the studio


It all started when…

These paintings are recordings of real places and memories of places. They are about weather and change as well as sea and sky. They materialize in my studio, after hiking beaches with camera and sketch book. I try to capture a feeling of something happening – for instance light emerging through mist, or deepening at dusk.

I use oil sticks for the small paintings, rather than brushes and oils in tubes. I like holding the paint in my hand; for me it’s more conducive to improvisation. I mix colors directly on the painting surface, with fingers, rags and scrapers. These paintings feel a bit like poems to me: small, condensed statements in color rather than words.

The larger canvases are done with acrylic paint and large brushes. With these it’s important to me that each of the many layers dries quickly, so I can add a new color wash on top.

The goal in all my work is the same: to catch in a watery nature, a moment in time.