About the Artwork

22 rain_2.jpg

Water and light (or shadow) are twin themes in most of my work; flowing through successive series about white water rivers, waterfalls, and  eroding sea cliffs. I am exploring them again in my recent paintings of seas meeting skies along horizons of changing light. 

The paintings are recordings of real places and memories of places.  They materialize in my studio after hiking beaches with camera and sketch book. I’m trying to convey a feeling of something happening – for instance light emerging through mist, or deepening at dusk.

I use oil sticks. Not using brushes brings me closer to the paint itself. More improvisation happens.  I mix colors directly on the painting surface, with fingers, rags and scrapers. 

Sometimes I think of these paintings as poems: small, condensed statements in color rather than words. Like sonnets, they exist in a traditional form: sky – horizon – water, and improvise within its confines.